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I am and always have been…
I am in all stories, all stories are in me…


I am bloated with the effervescent tales of mirth, myth and wonder…I am the messenger of both light and dark fairytales….

I have moored my ship ‘The Phoenix’, across all of the continents, often just settling at the crossroads of trade routes, bridges and gateways.

The Phoenix (Interstellar Ship)

Before the Europeans discovered my work on Easter Island in the early 1700s, I would prove to be a willing accomplice, saturated in the wisdom and knowledge of the Rapa Nuis’ ancient engineering…

Those vast terrains of  the Universe  from  where I have  infinitely gazed  upon both the pinwheel and cigar galaxies, the latter  pumping out  plumes of glowing hydrogen seeping through the webs of shredded clouds and dust…leaving my eyes sure they had witnessed such a spectacle for the first time?

I have continued to negotiate these two points of the cosmos, fusing my need for adventure, to solidifying my time here on this nutrient rich atmospheric ball (or sphere if you like?)


From the Rise and Fall of the Incas to man’s tentative first steps on the moon, I have been there….

I am the silence between the words , I am  both the resplendent pauses and the gaps….the crackling distortion, exempt of amplification….the tallest shadow, which requires no light source to cast it….

I revel in the telling of those, whose tales and stories remain untold, unwritten, unsolved, hidden, lost, or remote



And yet, the mantra of joy,  laughter and not just a ‘feel good’, but a ‘feel great’  collection of moments  shall be evident in these gatherings, where we shall come together, open mouthed and aghast, not dissimilar to the innocent , heavy lidded, dewy eyed  Children trying to resist the ‘call of sleep’ In the late hours of Christmas Eve….



We shall not become faded, or ever wear out..I am the stone stair carpet of story..the indestructible engraving, which remains out of focus or blurred to those who choose not to see…First mates and Mutineers? …we are indeed more alike than we are different…

Here’s to the storytellers…we are all one at heart…

Let us set sail and open the music box?

Glad to have you on board…