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Like imagining Charlie Chaplin with the voice of Freddie Mercury! Glastonbury Fringe Festival


 CD Review
Hidden Gems (Chp1)

There is something wonderfully eccentric and marvellously theatrical about The Adventures of Captain of the Lost Waves. They throw everything into their music so much so that it’s hard to take it all in with just one listen of their debut album.


From the deliciously original artwork of Damian Clark to the music of Murray Grainger, Tony Taffinder and Dave Bowie Jr, Hidden Gems is circus, it’s enticingly macabre, it’s Gothic, it’s eerie, it’s playful, it’s music hall, hypnotically irresistible and indulgently artistic.
The adventure begins with Grand National with the clear and unmistakable voice of The Captain which uses the analogy of the famous race to create a picture of life where some are winners some are losers and some just run the race and go about their lives.
At will his vocal style switches from singing to chanting, to yodelling to what is sometimes almost rap. He can also bring a haunting quality to his voice which is quite unnerving. Another Planet has a delicious dark quality to it thanks to The Captain who you can almost see as a scary storyteller moving in and out of shadows holding his listeners in his thrall.
Add to this the music which is the wrong side of crazy and you have a track which could be from the imagination of Tim Burton or Roald Dahl. This gives way to the sound effects opening of Happy In Bed which is a cryptic song with the simple surface premise of being too comfortable in bed to move.
But as the song unfolds you realise The Captain has the whole universe with him. Danger is pure cabaret, this time with The Captain vocally camping things up a little like Jim Carrey as Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket.
This is one of those songs where they have crammed everything in, sound effects which along with the music transport you from a Parisienne smoke filled club to a travelling sideshow somewhere in Eastern Europe populated by all manner of bizarre characters in the blink of a note. Like all good mysteries there are deeper messages in there for the listener to tease out.
In some ways Summer seems a little out of sync with the previous songs in that it’s noticeably conventional apart from occasionally having the feel of a chant, however the music is powerful, full bodied and races along with The Captain’s vocals perfectly.
It segues into Fat Freddy’s Fingers which The Captain opens like the howling of a cat and we are back with the atmospheric and eclectic sound of the band. The Captain tells the story of the piano player of the title.
The song is full of marine and fishing references which are reinforced by Grainger’s bellows. Again there is so much packed into this song you are in danger of suffering artistic overload, it’s like trying to listen to a musical show, watch a film and walk around an art gallery all at the same time.

One of the more gentle pieces is This Is A Song with The Captain showing a much softer side to his singing but somehow still manages to keep a hint of menace and mystery in his style which contains a great deal of wordplay.
The song is an epic sprawl which both soothes and keeps you uneasy at the same time especially when it goes out to the sound of an air raid klaxon.
Once again coming completely out of the blue is Don’t Miss What’s Right In Front Of You which has the feel of a torch song which has been lifted right out of the Moulin Rouge.
As The Captain belts out the lyrics you cannot help but think of Edith Piaf. The band go out with an epic tune, Mr Many Men. which lasts almost half an hour. Using the metaphor of the Mr Men the band outline how complicated people are with their personalities made up of many thoughts, beliefs and characteristics which change through circumstance or need.
At more than 28 minutes long you kind of wonder where this is going then when the song fades out with more sound effects there is almost nine minutes of silence which ends with what can only be described as a reprise of Freddy’s but you soon realise there is almost an album within an album as more and more tracks come along.

Afterlife could easily be lifted from a West End musical. Strangely enough, although obviously not strange for COTLW, there are other effects and songs which could well be the hidden gems.
To use a well worn phrase this is an album with many layers, it’s constructed like a concept album in the vein of something from Pink Floyd yet the fractured parts somehow don’t really fit that mould.
There are other bands out there such as Ma Polaine’s Great Decline and Threepenny Bit who bring a great deal of theatrics into their music but not quite on the scale as COLW have done.
There are all sorts of adjectives and superlatives you could foist upon this album and most of them would fit but it’s simpler to say this is more than music, this is theatre and art and great storytelling but it would be a brave man who would wander into the minds of the musicians which created it without the aid of a safety net.

Hidden Gems is available now from the band’s website.

You can also catch them live in the New Year on January 29 at Lucinda’s Lounge, The Bloomsbury Tavern (upstairs), London. Show starts 7.30pm and tickets are £5. Then on February 9 you can catch them at The Cellar Bar, Laughing Badger Gallery,  99 Platt Street, Padfield, Glossop. Show starts 7.30pm. On February 11 they play The Boathouse, Chirk Marina,  Chirk, Wrexham show time as above. Then it’s on to Halifax Playhouse33 King Cross Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire on February 16. Show time as above. The band then head on to cafe indiependent169-173 high street, Scunthorpe, north lincolnshire  on February 17. Show time as above. To round off the month they will play The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, New Malden, Surrey  on February 25. Show time as above.

Danny Farragher,


The Captain’s charm is an inimitable balance of enviable talent, charismatic humour, grace and brilliant mystical lunacy

My expectations were high and The Captain exceeded them all!

Captivating and delightful, he absolutely hypnotised the audience. It is beautifully performed and charming as well as charismatic and funny.

A mesmerising performer, so confident and skilled in what he does that you can really relax in his care and revel in his world, I don’t say this lightly, but that was one of the greatest experiences of my life!


‘ My album of the year 2016, though I am aware it’s a 2017 release. The Captain himself plays Bouzouki and Ukulele but his distinguishing feature is his superb, virtually operatic singing alongside the edginess of the lyrics and the well crafted production of this beautifully eclectic set ‘ 

Colin Bailey R2 Writer & Reviewer

‘ This is exactly the kind of rare quality I’m looking for these days…now that everything has been done at least three to four times. This proves it’s always possible to go one step beyond. An album both incredible, ground breaking and unique’ 

Lord Litter, Radio On Berlin,

‘ An inspired masterpiece ‘ The Narrowboat Sessions

‘ Once in a while comes along an artist that not only thinks out the box but uses the box as a stage to display all the wonders of the world from. The good Captain is one such artist. Both rare and unique, we need them right now, more and more.

A record Bristling with the wildest musical ideas and magic

Rob Ellen

‘ Impossible to classify in it’s sheer scope and wondrousness…my album of the year – and that is really saying something, given the quality of the music I have witnessed in 2016’

Steve Clarke, Strange Brew, Cuillin FM

Nothing other than a miracle… 
How one man can change the whole energy in a room the way the Captain does is a true natural wonder to witness… a force of nature, bemusing & enlightening in equal measure. …. this is not just vaudeville, this is vaudeville cubed!!!
it is impossible to convey the wild, weird all consuming life affirming alchemy that takes place…. 

Not a trained Actor!!!! What? really!! I was floored!!

I can only compare his mesmerising presence & dexterity of expression to that of RSC Stalwart Sir David Mark Rylance in Jerusalem, (please investigate) ….. 
 He holds your attention with such charismatic presence & hypnotic engagement that you become lost in the most focused of fashions. 
I’ve yet to mention his utterly gorgeous , unique, cinematically crafted songs, all delivered with a voice that is both gravity defying & operatic, yet shot through with a tangible palpable visceral honesty from his gut… 
A musical magician & Artist of the highest order…. Electric & memorable  in every way. 


This album is the ” concept album ” of all concept albums and needs to be reviewed, I believe, as  a whole.
Some Things In Life Are Still Worth Getting Excited About ( A review of Captain Of The Lost Waves debut album Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 )   by Peter Shields, Candlelit Music
Reading adventure stories when I was a young boy.
Absorbing the classics by Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas, Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe etc.
Always transported me to a magical place of awe and wonderment.
Great authors allow us, the readers, to open up our furtive imaginations to ” other worlds “

Riding the waves with The Captain is like hopping aboard a familiar old vessel and sailing right back to those inspirational times.

I found myself, once more a daring young boy.
Carried along by the ebb and flow of the tide.

This is Vaudeville.
This is Disneyland.
This is every letter, every word, every sentence, every chapter of THE greatest book you ever read.
This is every still frame of THE greatest film you ever saw.
This is a Folk Opera of Gargantuan proportions.

A Broadway show ?
A Pantomime ?
A Television Series ?

This is Stand Up Comedy.
A Cartoon Strip.

This is the exhalation to every inhalation you ever took.

This is art.
And art is in the eyes and ears … it is in the heart and soul of every beholder.

Some things in life are worth getting excited about …. thank the Lord … thank The Captain !


The man who makes any part of the venue the stage…. Welcoming all comers or damn near accosting them in the friendliest of rebellious fashions.

He has inhabited a world of his own making which is like no other… He is the finest of singers; his projection of volume in scarily operatic measures deemed one to question whether he really was achieving such command whilst completely devoid of amplification … Coupled with being an actor, storyteller, poet  & comedian too , what else is there to say about his seriously off the scale elevation in executing a masterclass in how to engage, challenge & mesmerise … Surreal, joyous & anarchically wonderful.

In all of my life I’ve never ever ever seen anything like what I’ve just witnessed… A true original. How can one describe that? Beyond comparison in any way .

Musically, comedically & in the art of what makes a miraculous performer you possess it in abundance.


The Adventures Of Captain Of The Lost Waves, Hidden Gems. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Theatre is as much about experimental as it is the reliance on the original and the long standing, the deep rooted and the childhood memories of how fresh the mature and seasoned felt when you first experienced it. It is the playful and the daring to look behind the curtain, the realisation that Dorothy Gale was wrong, there was no conjurer and purveyor of cheap illusion hiding in Oz, it was magic all along and magic that drives the sensational and theatrical to unveil its Hidden Gems.

The Adventures of Captain of the Lost Waves’ Hidden Gems are to be treasured, the theatrical encounter upon first entering a strange world, a land of emeralds encased in diamond and preserved in amber, the reflection dazzling but sincere and the face in the mirror only able to speak truth, that the crew of this particular ship are sailing into uncharted waters with faith in abundance and the satisfied looks of those cheering them deep in their hearts.

With guests on the album such as Liz Shaw on dancing terpsichorean trumpets, Pete Earnshaw on percussion and Emily Ingham on violin, Murray Grainger, Tony Taffinder and Dave Bowie Jnr. ride the crest of the wave into a strange land where the theatrical reigns supreme and the curtain is raised, the illusion made real and lost and lonely gather round in comfort and enjoyment.

Hidden Gems, an album of brightness shrouded in mystery and intrigue, of ancient tongues delivering a beautiful sermon and where the dance is expected to be joined in full; this dance, a widdershins jig, a movement of souls colliding, is brave, well thought out and easy to love.

In tracks such as Another Planet, the fantastic and heart thumping Danger, Fat Freddy’s Fingers, Mr Many Men and Don’t Miss What’s Right In Front Of You, The Adventures of Captain of the Lost Waves puts on a show that rivals the star attraction in the theatre, one that is emblazed in lights and the dramatic and yet never once strays into the artificial or the dismally unbalanced realm of the pretentious; this is where the curtain is pulled back and what is really driving Oz is Dorothy’s soul, Ozma’s pragmatism and the Wizard’s glee.

A fantastic album, utterly brimming with desire, Hidden Gems is revealed and passionate, a master class of imaginative album recording.

Ian D. Hall


Captain of the Lost Waves Hidden Gems Chapter 1  REVIEW (pre release album Ltd Edition available from 19th Nov)

“Are we in kansas?”

For a Pasolini on a ukulele an album is far too small a format. For the captain- a man with Busby Berkley scale ideas this collection of music seems more of an entire evening than an album. Its more of a fantastic voyage around imaginary volcanic islands than a normal, run of the mill EP.
Its musical peyote or whatever Lewis Carol was on. Hallucinatory audio theatre.

Choruses of drunken sailors, East German mandolin worriers, Bavarian bouzouki fondlers and well chaperoned sheep- they’re all here. Music buffs and scholars of the Bauhaus will also no doubt enjoy a rare use of snoring at a certain interval in the voyage/evening.

The songs are built upon sophisticated arrangements that would collapse under their own weight if it wasn’t for the technically flawless almost invisible production and delicious musicianship that runs throughout.
I think its VERY English but an Hawaiian might insist it has a definite touch of the palm tree/pineapple about it and claim it for themselves!

The quality of the songsmithing and a certain ‘kindness’- a tender sensitivity means the potential audience demographic is Beatle-esque.
Post modern folk music free to borrow from any stringed, sail or wind powered instrument ends up demonstrating the links and similarities between the different branches of international ‘traditional’ music.
Impish Hungarian tunes sashay around the room on the arms of Irish fiddle melodies whilst Otto Dix’s piano player adds a soupy, mockingly jovial circus rhythm which is far too melancholy to actually dance to but we dance nonetheless. Its hard not to sway when the ground is moving.

I cant single out a favourite track anymore than I could chose between the ghosts of past faithful sheepdogs. Its impossible. I’ve hummed all their choruses at various points during the last week – in showers, whilst watching a cauliflower cheese pirouette in a microwave and on the M1. I’m humming now whilst I write.

What a world we live in in which there are people who can do things like this?
I am extremely fortunate to have heard this music before its official public release. You know that feeling when you’ve managed to buy someone you love the most amazing present but you have to wait till their birthday? And you smile because you know what joy is instore for them? You know whats coming? And they don’t? That’s how I feel.
This record/evening is special and contains melodies that will get under your skin and haunt you like a weathered tattoo of your favourite dead sheepdog’s name.

B. Longpencil 2016, Gigwise


And so he arrived, the enigmatic Captain, armed just with a wireless headset mic and a Bouzouki/Ukulele under his arm. What was to follow was a promenade performance, the likes of which I can find no equal or comparison. To experience a COTLW performance is to find yourself in Alice’s pocket. A glorious journey through a wonderland of mischief, sonic majesty and fearless exploration. Captivating the audience in the most unique of fashions, the nearest I can get to a description is cross between a minstrel and a bard. His skills are so complex and rare yet ultimately universal., hence they are impossible to describe in the limited expression of language. Huge charisma and had the audience of around 250 people in the palm of his hand, this performance was undoubtedly the highlight of the festival for me and many more!

ASYLUM FESTIVAL, LINCOLN – audience reaction reviews 2016

What a superb night of quality songwriting and performances.

Wow I have honestly just been blown away by Captain of the Lost Waves
What an incredibly unique act he has developed, such an important key part of this experience. The set tonight transported me to another world, a world of vaudeville, variety and steampunk. Joy, reflection and hilarity; sing a long melodies, and soaring falsettos with allusive and sometimes whimsical messages.

He is a master at genuinely involving the audience and seamlessly moved between us all, playing his bouzouki or ukulele (exceptionally) and occasionally stopping mid-song to reflect and say something tangential and hilarious or thought-provoking or both. His image makes me think of steampunk – top hat and tails, with combat boots and a purple ribbon on his arm and red kerchief around his neck.. The songwriting is awe-inspiring – his melodies grab you instantly and we all sing along effortlessly. The chord changes point to a deeper darker underbelly but he skirts away from darkness deftly and beautifully.

I am inspired and very very impressed. Some performers make you feel uplifted and energised when you see them and have that special gift. I feel like I have witnessed something very special tonight. Thank you David Robertson-Brown for another spectacular Acoustic North Evening at Glyde House, with Captain of the Lost Waves – Tues 28th June
Donna Marie Bottomley Glyde House Reviewer

**** “I don’t think I’m made of that stuff,” laments the singer-songwriter styled only as the Captain. The doubt’s right there, in the lyrics of one of his beautifully heartfelt songs – yet if “that stuff” is talent, then the man we see in front of us clearly exudes it from every pore.  Let’s be clear about one thing first: The Captain really can sing. I don’t just mean he can sing in Fringe terms – I mean he has a voice you might hear on a West End stage, or here in Edinburgh at a recital in the Usher Hall. **** RICHARD STAMP, FRINGE GURU (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

***** ‘Now this was a curio of time-travel theater. His Good Ship has landed at Space Triplex for a short run and yesterday I was called to witness his melody, muse and weirdness. Fifty minutes of nautical mysticism brought to life with a genuine apparition of a Spirit Galleon’ ***** MARK ‘DIVINE’ CALVERT, MUMBLE CIRQUE (Edinburgh Fringe Festival ). 

*****The Captain knows how to keep an audience engaged. Not only through his songs (one of the best singers I`ve seen); the audience participation who gets to be part of the show and the chorus (I was lucky enough to get a kazoo); his stories from a rather heavy book from which he kept tearing pages for our amusement’.

‘Favourite show in the Fringe this year. Fun songs for people of any age and all the family that will make you smile. A great whimsical character and an hour isn’t long enough!  I recommend it to everyone!’

‘An incredibly funny and charismatic talented man ‘

‘What splendid deliverance of an outstanding performance! 5* Become immersed in the captains adventures through time and space, through heart felt storytelling and deep and meaningful songs, that will have you singing and tapping along in minutes, in this unique and unusual show ‘

‘ No fanfare, no announcement, no “make some noise” for the Captain. He’s there waiting in the dark with us and he calmly steps forward when his audience is settled. He gives us a brief introduction about his cosmic journey and begins the first of 7 beautifully crafted songs, all of which you are encouraged to sing along with. It’s ok, you will feel compelled and unabashed.His stage persona suggests we accept him and his stories at face value. Tales of musical collaborations with Edith Piaf and Captain Rickard are mesmerising. As the audience accepts his word we believe his tales from outer space about meetings with names we have never heard’  ***** EDFRINGE.COM

“A night of such unique, bewitching & bemusing artistry from he that I would dare deem incomparable

The Captain is not just the finest of singers & musicians ( a voice of such operatic sonorous beauty & effortless volume,coupled with a diction which equates & deviates as imagining Buckley, Sinatra, Ferry & Bush in a rotating barbershop quartet.

That it is both frighteningly life affirming & emotively solar plexus punching in a raw unamplified state,has one questioning if their ears are believing what is being heard?

Capable of veering between heartfelt & vaudevillian with a comedic timing only afforded to a chosen few.

Possessing a gift for creating songs of such nuance,depth, complexity & melody,though shot through with the most translucent simplicity & integrity which instantly arrest your heart & mind.
He is poet, comedian & storyteller all in equal measure. To see it is to believe it.
To not see it is to try only imagine it” The Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne – audience reviews and reactions

 Mrs Yarringtons is overjoyed with pleasure to announce the return of The Captain. For those who have seen him at Mrs Y’s or last years The Big Green Cardigan he needs no introduction. For those who haven’t  how to describe it? as one reviewer said, ‘Watching a ‘Captain Of The Lost Waves’ performance is like trying to describe the colour number nine’ and I think that says it all. Deliciously bonkers, eccentric and impossible to categorize.Through operatic scales to eerie chorale voices, hypnotic rhythm’s to confessional and emotive lyrics and haunting melodies we ultimately come to the conclusion that the Captain is a man not content to sit still as he travels musically, physically and mentally, ultimately avoiding destination drudgery. Were he not one of the great contemporary lyricists he would no doubt be hailed as one of the great modern poets or thinkers of our time.

This really is one not to miss. 

 ‘From the greatest show on Earth some of the greatest stories never told…..’MRS YARRINGTONS MUSIC CLUB, BATTLE/THE BIG GREEN CARDIGAN FESTIVAL, SUSSEX

Simply the most unique and inclusive of performers. To witness his craft, particularly in a live setting, where each new expression for each new audience seems to be executed right there on the spot, in a truly intuitive sense. An exemplary vocalist and musician, storyteller, poet, philosopher and clown, his is a show which is so bewitching and bemusing it seems the least one can do is to describe it as an accepted form of alchemy. FAT TUESDAY MARDI GRAS FESTIVAL, HASTINGS

One of the greatest songwriters this country has ever produced. JIMMY RICE AUTHOR 

 Watching a ‘Captain Of The Lost Waves’ performance is like trying to describe the colour number nine…


A delectable array of bewitching delights that entranced, mesmerized, transfixed, transported and hypnotized both the submissive and hard to please paying customer?

So the more I thought as I took in the majesty of its spellbinding ability to leave me wanting more?… more?… more?…

More? After such a thoroughly engaging interaction between performer and audience?

More? After nearly two hours of visceral unleashed creativity?

Only one word replayed in my mind’s eye, over and over as I could take nor add nothing more of myself to this feast that the ears and the eyes did willingly gorge upon?

‘Resplendent’ ….that is all I needed do and out from the tissue thin pages of an old Oxford Dictionary ….there it was

‘Splendid, Magnificent, Dazzling, Glittering, Glowing, Radiant, Gorgeous, Transcendent, Awe – Inspiring, Breath-taking….’

My work is done here?




The Circus is coming to town….and boy oh boy oh boy what a Circus it is!

‘As big as your imagination….,’Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen’..

Come forth and witness Brigands, Heart-warming Clowns, Talking Primates, the Happy Undead, Crooked Gangsters (are there any others?) Interstellar love affairs and ethereal mystical masters among a plethora of otherworldly beings, who  find  themselves channelled via the Captain, as he recites his extraordinary stories from down through the ages….

“Your Heart rate will accelerate, the line between fantasy and reality will grow ever increasingly blurred, you will resonate with a sense of something tangibly familiar, yet equally ‘Alien’…a Tour De Force of captivating theatre, giving birth to what can only be described as a musical box ‘Frankenstein’, awash, and bloated with chaos, beauty, mayhem, poise, madness, intent, disarray, profundity, humour, candidness, and a gentle courageous fragility”.

Come, listen, watch, drink it in…The Captain’s brew is a heady one, shot through with a disbelief that he and he alone, makes somehow believable, coupled with a sense of occasion that is thoroughly and wickedly depraved in its affluent, content- rich execution which concludes in a fitting finale that remains intact, as one basks in the afterglow of not just a ‘feel good but feel great’ experience, long, long, long after it’s all been played out…



The Captain makes music as Vincent Van Gogh painted…the hand, the eye and the ear merely tools of the soul, a hidden gem, that like his subjects should remain hidden no longer and yet I have the sneaking suspicion the Captain likes to be off the radar.



‘Deliciously bonkers, eccentric and impossible to categorize’

If things were ‘as they might be’ and ‘not as they were’ then this particular brand of what  could only be  ‘coined’ as an entrancing, spontaneous combustion of artistically schizophrenic expression, would, I believe, find favour with many of the masses, who in turn, would spew out both a healthy dose of grudging respect and even admiration within the ranks.

I meanwhile, along with a select few others am more than happy to keep ‘The Captain’ our dirty little secret…

Something about a ‘hidden gem?’
He, of all people, knows a thing or two about that? 



Through operatic scales to eerie chorale voices, hypnotic rhythm’s to confessional and emotive lyrics and haunting melodies we ultimately come to the conclusion that the Captain is a man not content to sit still as he travels musically, physically and mentally, ultimately avoiding destination drudgery. Were he not one of the great contemporary lyricists he would no doubt be hailed as one of the great modern poets or thinkers of our time.



Impossible to compare and something very rare indeed, following his journey it vindicates him as the Shakespeare of songwriters, indeed it had been noted that the Captain was not just the writer of songs but mini operas. His individual and practically note perfect delivery echoes the command that marked the work of Jeff Buckley.



The affect the Captains music has on me is haunting, beguiling and uplifting, as ever he uses his unique sonorous voice as both a confessional and an instrument, soaring into an undulating vibrato above the ambient magical soundtrack, a rare and extraordinary artist of the highest order.



The Captains masterpiece is a living breathing nervous system of a record, it will haunt and mesmerise the listener long after it’s all over.



Cram packed with profundity, pathos and an incredible gift for timeless melodies, whilst soaring over the mix that voice! It alternates between brooding percussive rhythmic diction and a majestic unique tremolo of what can only be described as that of an ethereal banshee or dare I say it a human Theremin.



A magnificent writer with a keen eye and poetic tongue (I suspect he’s an admirer of T.S.Eliot) he possesses a unique vocal delivery that every now and again ascends into a shimmering falsetto, perhaps the first true original of this millennium?



The Captain plies his trade in writing music so mesmerizingly beautiful and so richly steeped in genuine emotion and yet how he manages to sound uplifting and positive is nothing short of miraculous.



A feeling of swimming through a Monet landscape, but all of the people have Picasso faces, a miraculous song and dance man working at the height of his powers, alchemy indeed. His particular brand of art is infused with enough depth to make it come across as heavy as a brick, though is still light and dizzyingly beautiful, artists of the Captains ilk don’t come along very often, it’s time to cherish him.



“And so, before I endear to you, something of note…. I do indeed confess that I have given up my wayward, salacious lusting for all that was evidently a cheap, grandiose and pompous exercise in the lazy practice of accepting this, our prevalent ‘junk food culture?’…

The transparent, skinny apparitions of lazy creation, the ‘quick fix’, devoid of truly arresting beauty, or a simple profound depth, and whose pseudo masquerading as ‘art’ has become frankly exhausting…

No more second guessing those who are indecisive, I trade only in goods of a superlative value now…I seek out the purveyors of creation that goes far, far beyond the comprehension of the always competitive, comparison breeding grounds of  ‘the brittle ego’ .

‘The art is always greater than the artist darling’?

The enormous, non-local intelligence, resident within those who are the architects of the most inspired music, film, literature and dance is why I arrived here in the first place…

Make of my musings what you will? 

For that’s why I love the Captain…

His exquisite marriage of drama and music gives birth to an expression of something startlingly original, childlike, hypnotic, gentle, left field, persuasive, humorous, engaging , deviant , inclusive, wistful, nostalgic, generous and yet still eminently anarchic, rebellious and forward thinking….

He’s like Winnie the Pooh…
We may not have realised just how relevant he is……yet?

A connoisseur’s obscurity of that I have no doubt.



Compelling and contrasting and possessing a cumulative power that will not be denied he is a performer and writer of a singular intensity and originality. His live performances are typified by a passion and intensity rarely heard or felt these days.



The Captains genius is that he makes you care when you don’t and not care when you do, listen to his stories, they may compel you to do something just as magnificent and just as powerful.  



His offerings couldn’t be more universal if they were written by Jesus himself. A sheer force of nature.              



The Captain often appears in those rare live performances as a one man wonder, his own man, oddball perhaps, unique in the way that distinguishes original artists from the copyists, unique like Jake Thackeray, Wild Man Fischer, John Martyn, Kate Bush, Durutti Column, Laurie Anderson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bobby McFerrin, The Cocteau Twins, Jane Siberry or Sa Dingding and nothing like any of them! They are all artists channelling themselves rather than just an idea of themselves. Rather than his influences, the only thing the Captain wears on his sleeve like all the above, is the mark of a creativity let loose from the strait-jacket of categorization. 




A writer of the most memorable tunes and I put his graphic lyrical prowess on a par with Dylan, but even above the Captains considerable skill as an instrumentalist the key sound element is his voice. When he sings his voice flutters sweetly into the upper registers like a magic flute, his lips quivering operatically, he sings with nuance and intelligence, impeccable phrasing and emotional drama. Comparisons can be banded about, none quite apposite but imagine Peter Hammill mixed with a touch of Enya. You can sense his star power, the Captains rightful place would be on ‘Later’, one of the few music programmes left where he would fit right in with the spiky, the quirky, the awesome, the original, the classy, the off the wall, the legendary and the heartfelt from all corners of the musical world, regardless of trends and the jack booted stamp of celebrity. Perhaps the place where oneself merges with the idea of oneself is where true musical importance can be achieved.



“And so, before I endear to you, something of note…. I do indeed confess that I have given up my wayward, salacious lusting for all that was evidently a cheap, grandiose and pompous exercise in the lazy practice of accepting this, our prevalent ‘junk food culture?’…

The transparent, skinny apparitions of lazy creation, the ‘quick fix’, devoid of truly arresting beauty, or a simple profound depth, and whose pseudo masquerading as ‘art’ has become frankly exhausting…

No more second guessing those who are indecisive, I trade only in goods of a superlative value now…I seek out the purveyors of creation that goes far, far beyond the comprehension of the always competitive, comparison breeding grounds of  ‘the brittle ego’ .

‘The art is always greater than the artist darling’?

The enormous, non-local intelligence, resident within those who are the architects of the most inspired music, film, literature and dance is why I arrived here in the first place…

Bawdy, ballsy, big hearted and as ‘wide open’ & inclusive as one can imagine when it comes to the creative process?  Nothing is ever off limits? No line ever drawn that he is not willing to cross? There is something unashamedly uncompromising in the way Mr Captain of the Lost Waves goes about his business….

…it might be in the genes kid?