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Outstanding Songwriter Award!

I’ve just received the award for ‘ Outstanding Songwriter‘ from those wonderful peoples at the Yorkshire Gig Guide grassroots awards.

To everyone who voted for me & the judging panel themselves concluding I was worthy of this award, I am humbled by the huge support.

As some of you may know, I’ve not always believed in the idea of awards…

‘No one is below or above you’ in my book… what you or I do, if you fully allow it to flourish and follow it’s truly autonomous calling, is only ‘ what you or I do’… therefore it’s impossible to compare, measure against or compete…. though I believe, the older I grow the less I stand in the way of this gift, for it has always been that… an accepted form of alchemy which derives from a place of prolific wonder …of which I am eternally grateful & merely the editor.

This, in turn, is an award for all ‘Hidden Gems’… those who may be ground breaking, creating some of the most life changing Art we often never get to witness, hear or see…

the genius that never moves beyond the confines of the bedroom…. for many a reason….

To all of you who ‘House’ your own particular gift…. ‘ try not to compare a life side by side or measure’

Be you… that’s the challenge, and that is it’s own reward, and you won’t need a trophy to tell you when ‘you’ve arrived’

Though i accept this with the grace in which it was given… and to all of those who have served me enormously on this journey, I thank you….

A particular note to my closest ‘First mate’ , Lucy…. the engine room in the whole operation… it’s possible there would not even have been a Captain without you…. to ‘Hidden Gems’ and that Lady…. I dedicate this to you. 🎩 x

Photo by the wonderful Aqueous Sun Photography x