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Oh how I do love time travel, especially revisiting the wide eyed naivety of childhood…and when one has been around forever, this is going back an awfully long, long time…



The Captain is not over the moon, he’s on it! Though promises he’ll bring it down to Earth on Sat!1500901_10203880791081533_9047570073328590771_o


Like another famous song… ‘Me and my shadow’ join Pilau in embracing Planet Hixxlyvoom’s favourite melody, a National Anthem, well almost!



The Captain’s weekly yarn starts here…where legend, myth and fairy tales collide, all ‘shot through’ with a healthy dose of not just ‘feel good’ but ‘feel great’…


Captain’s Log AHOY!


‘First Mates’, it is here where you will find the Captain’s wide array of evolving bite sized filmic observations, stories, drama and even the odd, random melodious ditty too! …all given its rightful place, here¬† on a weekly basis….… Continue reading