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I have had the pleasure of hosting Cuckoo Calling for a few years now. In that time we have had some truly fantastic headliners, but with due

respect, none have been of the same calibre as Captain Of The Lost… Continue reading


Setting sail for Hastings and the magic of The Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras, performing on Sat 6th Feb, joining a plethora of wild, wacky, weird and wonderful artists on the unplugged musical tour! Sunday 7th Feb sees one joining in… Continue reading


Singer songwriters beware – and what qualifies as a singer songwriter? Does this spell danger for the Captain too? For he adopts a musical stance as voice and stringed instrument emanate in the art of symbiosis. This log is giving… Continue reading

Intergalactic Customs Border

…and so, i adopted a temporary new attire, which in turn brought me face to face with a rogue family of exiled brigands! though after 48hrs in their company i decided to now call them my own…why even the little… Continue reading